Friday, February 26, 2016

My word art

dream giver

The dream giver
A bright glow came from the bedroom window. Frale skinny fingers reached into the gap of the window. It then slowly opened , an old thin man appeared from behind the windows. His fragile wings fluttered over to the first bed. He reached into a sack of glowing eggs and carefully cracked an egg. He drizzled the yolk onto a pair of ballerina shoes. A golden ballerina twirled and danced from out of the shoes. He carried onto the next bed. A young boy lay resting. A book sat open on the bed. The dream giver fished out another egg from the glowing sack and cautiously cracked and poured the egg on the book. A tiny astronaut started floating in the room. Unfortunately an egg rolled off the edge of the bed and cracked on a page of a book. The boy appeared inside the book. He scanned the area for a while and strolled off to find a temple. In front of the temple was a huge dark doorway. Evil red eyes appeared from out of the dark doorway. In an instant the frightened boy bolted to an end of a cliff. The humongous monster roared at the boy. Just in time! The dream giver flew in and threw the glowing eggs at the monster. Plants came out from the ground like zombies in an apocalypse. The plants stretched around the monster. The monster struggled to escape. The monster finally suffered defeat. THE END

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Thursday, February 11, 2016

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