Friday, February 24, 2017

Rubbish Reading

Hi guys =D My class had to complete a task of choosing a reading task about rubbish. Here is one of mine :)
I found getting the information a bit difficult because it took a few sites to look for my information but i found it! This is what happens to our rubbish when we chuck it in the bin. This timeline shows our rubbish going to the dump and being scraped into the ground.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Me 2k17

Hi guys! This year I'm still in room 6 with Mrs Henare :) I'll be turning 12  this year in August.  This year I would like to learn about my Maori culture and learn how to speak Te reo maori.  I want to improve in my maths and reading  and learn more of my maths (because i suck at maths =D ) Miss has put us on this new 
website called Banqer to our class "money" in. Everytime we do a job or are on task we earn money.  The money goes into our bank account. We can get our money taken away from us too if we're being naughty or off task. We can even spend our money on real things like lollies or free time on the Chromebooks. 

That's all that's happening this year and with me :)
Blog you later =D