Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Multiplication Bingo

For maths me and my friends played multiplication bingo. It was fun and helpful. We then took photos and done an explanation on how this game helps us learn our times tables. I found some of the times tables hard such as my 12x and 7x but the rest such as my 1x 2x 5x and 10x made it easy and fun to play.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fishing in Opua

Our class had to write a recount on their holidays. I chose when i went to Opua to fish off the wharf. I caught  4 fish. 2 snappers that got away and 2 Kahawai. My dad caught another 2 fish which made our total to 6. At the end of the day we butter fried 2 fish and sprinkled them with salt and lemon. YUMM :)

Title: Fishing in Opua
 A nice breeze flew across my face as I reached out for my fishing rod. I quickly cut up some squid and baited it on my hook. I casted my line out like a pro and sat on the side of the concrete wharf. “ Remember to throw the first one back” Dad said. Nibble nibble. I felt the fish nip at the food on the end of the hook. I held on to the reel and started to slowly wind up my line. The fish started biting... Harder and harder. The fishing rod started bending. The fish grabbed onto the hook I winded it up and pulled at the line. I winded and winded. The fish finally came into view. “ A snapper! “ I yelled. My sister rushed over. The fish flopped on the wharf as my Dad took the hook out of his mouth. The tiny snapper gasped for air. It was under 27cm which meant it was too small to eat. “ Throw it back “ Dad reminded me. I wrapped the towel around it and threw it back into the ocean. It quickly swam away.

 I sat back on the wharf and again casted out my line.
 I waited impatiently for a fish to bite my line. The clouds started turning grey. Nibble nibble. More bites… I held onto my reel again just in case the fish got greedy and took the bait. It was high tide now. Heaps of fish started nibbling. “ Another bite! “ I yelled in my head. Again the fishing rod bent. I pulled and pulled and out of the water came out a Kahawai. The grey fish wiggled as I wrapped the scaley fish into the towel. I carried it over to the yellow bucket. My dad grabbed the knife and viciously cut off the fish’s head. Blood started running down the headless fish’s body. I went back to my line.

 We only had a little more longer until we went home. The wind started getting rougher as I fished. More and more nibbles started coming onto my line. I pulled over my hoodie to keep me warm and waited patiently for the fish to tug it. I sat back relaxed on the wharf waiting and waiting. I again slowly winded up my reel then another bite. I got another one! It was my lucky day. I pulled this heavy fish up and out of the water a snapper appeared. I pulled the line up but the fish got away! It’s sharp teeth but through my line. I frowned as I stared at the fish swimming away. The day ended with a total of 4 fish. We went home and buttered fried our catch then sprinkled it with salt and lemon.