Thursday, March 24, 2016

Financial Literacy- Part 4 - Oscar's Odd Jobs

For maths we had to figure out how much Oscar could make for doing odd jobs around his neighbourhood.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Friday, March 11, 2016

The boat challenge

Me and Leilani created a presentation using google slides about our boat challenge we did with Mrs.Cowles

Financial litercay

For maths we had to plan a fake trip to Brisbane for the Murphy family.

Mission girl Venn Diagram

For reading I had to do a Venn Diagram comparing me and the main character Atapo

My weekend

TITLE: Nana Mata’s 90th

Planning the marae/ kissing horror
2. lunch/entertainment


A crowd of people gathered around the door to the marae. We casually strolled to the front of the door. The rain spat at us making it harder to walk. We slipped our shoes off and slowly trudged to the back of the line. The line began to move, I uncomfortably smooched one of the lady’s standing in front of me. One after the other came big kisses, digging into my cheeks. After the long kissing encounter my face smelt as if I had sprayed myself with my nana’s perfume. My lips turned buttery and smooth.

Carney, Mum, Waimirirangi, Dad and I roamed off towards the tent where the food and entertainment was held. I lead Carney toward the kids section. The smell of pavlova and sausages floated in the air. Kids munched and gobbled at the junk sitting on their plates. Carney and I placed ourselves on a long brown chair where bowls of chips, and lollies sat in front of us. I gently opened up a soft drink and started sipping at the fizzy. I stabbed my fork into a juicy sausage and carried it like a crane over to my plate. I sliced my sausage into pieces and carried the fork over to my mouth. After the scrumptious lunch Carney and I headed over to the adult section. A long wooden stage had a live band playing. I scanned the room for Mum and Dad. We both sat down at the table and waited for them to finish their food. Before we left we wished Nanny Mata a happy 90th and opened strolled out the door.

Sneakily we all crawled to the truck. The miserable rain dribbled on us as we crouched towards the truck. We opened the car door and wiped off the rain drops. We all secured ourselves into the car seats and buckled in our seatbelts. Dad put the key in ignition and started up the car.

Kawa of care

My class and I created a google slide showing how to take care of your chromebooks

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Thursday, March 3, 2016