Thursday, March 30, 2017

Famous New Zealander- Whina Cooper

Kia ora koutou :) Our task for room 6 was to find a famous New Zealander and write facts about it and present it in a nice way. I used google slides to present mine for Whina Cooper. She was a very successful women who fought for the rights of Maori. Here is my presentation.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Kia ora :) For reading we had to choose an animal to learn about and make a presentation on Google drawings. My animal i decided was a Macaw because i find them interesting birds and how colourful they look.  Here is my presentation :) 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Persuasive writing

Kia ora koutou :) For writing we tried to do persuasive writing we had the topic of our rubbish bins being taken off because students keep on littering. I think we should get them put back up so we don't have to store our rubbish in our bags. Here is my story

Our school rubbish bins have been removed from our school to help us make our school cleaner. I disagree and think we should get them back. Students are having to stuff their rubbish ( And others) into their bags or lunchboxes because there are no more bins around our school. I think we need to get them back to stop this from happening.

Firstly Our rubbish bins need to be put back up so we have somewhere to put our rubbish in. Students don’t want to have a messy bag or lunchbox because of the rubbish they have to store into their bags. If we have rubbish bins it will make it easy for students to put their rubbish somewhere.

Secondly it will cause too much frustration and annoyance for the students and parents. When they come home their bags might be filled of rubbish that they have either picked up or is their own. This might make some children’s parents a bit angry if their kids comes home with a full lunch box of packets of chips and banana peels.

Thirdly rubbish will be better off in the bins rather than lunchboxes. The bins are helpful and help us clear our school with the rubbish. It is frustrating not having our rubbish bins around because wherever we go around the school we have nowhere to store our rubbish but our pockets, bags and lunchboxes.

Those are my reasons for why i disagree with the rubbish bins being taken off. I think we should get them back on so we have somewhere to put our rubbish.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Toku Pepeha

Kia ora koutou :) This is my pepeha we done for our te reo this week. This is my mihi and my pepeha. I found it easy because i know my pepeha and mihi. Here is a screen-castify of me presenting my pepeha on google slides.