Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Kia ora :) For technology we made some scones relating to kiwiana and what is kiwi-like. I was in a group of 6 (including me) And we made some pretty nice scones. They were a bit salty but really nice and soft. The cheese was my favourite. We had to make Cheese, Dates & Plain scones. This is our scone recipe if yo u would like to follow the recipe just read down below :)

Friday, October 20, 2017

Carpool Karaoke

For our assembly Room 6 done the famous "Carpool Karaoke" By James Corden. This is our version. It was really fun dressing up and getting to play around in Mrs . Henare's car =D I was with my good friends Paris & Adelia. We lipsynced Shoop by Salt 'N' Pepa & Ew! By Jimmy Fallon.

Weekly Plenary

Kia ora koutou :) A task our class has to do weekly is to write our weekly plenary. This is my weekly plenary. I found it a bit difficult trying to find my work to link but apart form that everything was very easy. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Book reviews - Wish upon a unicorn & The magic finger

Kia ora koutou this is my book review for my blog. We had a challenge to complete 7 novels to earn kids sized pizza at Hell's Pizza. To get a pizza you need to read 7 novels and stamp it on your pizza wheel you will be given at your school. So far i have read 2 novels. 

Wish upon a unicorn - about a little girl who falls through her grandmothers floor and into another world. She fights her way back to her other world and gets imprisoned in a dirty prison where elves and unicorns are kept. She can also talk to unicorns through her mind and helps to save all the prisoners and returns home safely.

The magic finger- A little girl has a gift called the magic finger, when she gets angry she uses the magic finger and accidentally turns her neighbours into ducks! A bunch of ducks take over their house and then they have to live in a nest, Fortunately they get turned back and they lived happily ever after!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Life cycle of a manatee

For writing we are learning about explanation writing we got to choose a topic of our choice. I decided to do the life cycle of a manatee. I found them interesting since the female manatee are pregnant for 1 year! I found trying to find the information for the manatee's adulthood hard to find since Google didn't have much websites to provide the information i needed. Hope you enjoy my explanation :)

Manatee life cycle
Have you ever wondered about the life cycle of a manatee? Manatees or sea cows have a different life cycle than other sea mammals. They are known to be gentle mammals that lives in the coastal waters or lakes around The caribbean, United states, Central America, Eastern Mexico or South America.  The manatee has a lifespan of about 40-50 years but can live up to 60 years.

Firstly a female manatee won’t reach maturity till she is the 3 or 5 years of age. They will then start mating with other males at age 6. They will only breed every 3-5 years unless they lose their calf in the first year then they will mate the following year. A female won’t connect with her male partner but will be in a mating herd of approximately a dozen other male bulls. The breeding and births can happen at any time of the year but will occur usually around Spring and Summer. The female will carry the calf for about 1 year.

Secondly when the female is ready to give birth she will seek for a quiet place to give birth. The calf will either be born head or tail first and will weigh around 60 -70 pounds, they are also around 3-4 feet long. Once they are born they will vocalize and then a mother- calf bond begins for about 2 years, they will also be able to swim and nurse immediately after birth. After they are born the mother will bring the calf up to the surface to breathe.The calf starts nursing underwater and will start to frequently. The mother reaches the young calf  They will usually only stay for their mother for around 1 year, some calves may stay with their mother till they are around 1 and ½ or 2 years of age.

Thirdly the female manatee won’t reach maturity till she is about 5 years of age, and she will only breed 3-5 times a year. She won’t form a permanent bond with a male manatee but instead will be in a mating herd with  a dozen other male manatees or bulls. The breeding and birth can happen around anytime during the year, but most births will occur during Spring and Summer. The manatee will often travel alone and will mostly stay underwater, but will come out of the water to breathe air up on the surface. A manatee migrates to warmer waters during seasonal changes because they can’t sustain water temperatures below 63 degrees. A manatee has a slow metabolism, cold water might drain out the manatee’s body heat.

Manatees have a different life cycle than other mammals. From being a calf to their adulthood and their breeding. The adult manatee will only have a baby once a year and then the life cycle will begin again.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Auto draw

Kia ora :) I was tutuing with this website called auto draw where you try draw something and it will suggest or think of what your drawing. Then you get options so you don't have to draw! This one is under the sea. You can also add colour like i did and make a drawing stick to another one

Friday, August 4, 2017

Maori verbs

For te reo we have been learning verbs in maori. We had to put gifs and pictures on our slide. This my presentation i found it pretty easy to do most of the words i already knew. Anyway wasy her is my presentation.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Tuna inquiry

Kia ora koutou :) Last term our school theme was based on tuna and takakau. I was meant to post this last term but was busy with other mahi. My question was the history of tuna. I didn't find much hard about this topic an actually enjoyed this topic. The easy part was finding the information on the tuna because their is one sight that really helps called te ara with anything based around maori and it's history.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Gear bag reflection

Hello! For our year 7-8 technology we are doing gear bags. This is my reflection about how i felt about doing our gear bags. My gear bag came out a bit different i didn't think it would look like that but it still looks ok :) Here is my reflection.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Pick a path story

Kia ora eveyrone our task for writing was to make a story related to Matariki. A pick a path is when you have options in the story. I worked with my friends Ocean and Adelia to help me finish my story and present it. I found making up the story and making up options a bit difficult and i found most of the story to make pretty easy. Here it is :)

Thursday, June 29, 2017


Kia ora everyone because it is nearly Matariki our class had a task to do a presentation on Matariki and new years around the world. I partnered up with my friend Ocean for this task. Here it is :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hinaki & Takakau presentation

Kia ora guys at our school we had a competition for Tuna (eel) and Takakau (bread) this was our presentation on our hinaki. A hinaki is a traditional maori eel trap. We made us one and unfortunately didn't catch anything with it. We used a recipe on the internet to make our takakau this is our presentation.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Tuna report

Hi this is my report about New Zealsnd tuna
Opening statement: There are two main types of eels or tuna in New Zealand- The longfin and the shortfin eel. There are only 16 freshwater eels around the world.  Longfin eels are one of the largest eels in the world and are the only endemic freshwater eel to New Zealand. There are fewer eels today due to the cause of commercial fishing and the loss of wetlands. The scientific name for eels are Anguilla dieffenbachii.

Tuna come in a variety of different colours but they are usually dark brown, black or grey. Although very rarely they can be fully yellow or partially yellow. Longfin eels have poor eyesight but have other great senses to help them survive. Eels can absorb up to 50% of their oxygen through their skin which can get slimy when they are stressed. They have large mouths with sandpaper like teeth that point inwards. They also have sensors that looks like white spots around their mouth to help them detect any movement in front of them.

Freshwater eels can be found all around New Zealand. They are mainly found in rivers or inland lakes usually well inland from the coast. Eels can be able to climb up waterfalls up to 20 meters high while trying to find a river upstream. Longfin eels can survive in many conditions such as dams and drains and can also swim up underground streams. During daylight the main places to find tuna are in water weeds, tree roots, undercut banks and debris piles. They can also squeeze into small gaps and make holes in the mud. Adult longfin eels like fast flowing water and will be found more upstream. While short fins prefer a slower flow in the water. Short Fins are mostly found in swamps, lakes , streams and rivers near the coast. However both species are often found in the same place.

During summer the female eels body changes as it is reaching maturity. Her eyes will enlarge, Their digestive systems shrinks away, Her big bulging heads become more flatter, their belly goes gold and their  causinback goes brown.It will take many months for the eels to reach their breeding destination. Which is somewhere in the tropical waters near Tonga. Once they reach their breeding grounds a huge mass of eels will twist together to fertilise the eggs. The fertilised eggs will then float up to the surface of the water and grow into a leaf shaped larvae. They will then become apart of ocean plankton and will be carried from the currents to the coast of New Zealand. The larvae will head towards rivers and streams to find a new home. Their flat bodies will change transparent and these are called glass eels. As they grow they will then change into elvers which are the young eels that feed on insects and snails. As they move upstream the elvers are able to climb steep waterfalls. Then they will turn into fully grown eels and continue their life cycle

An eel is a carnivore which means it only eats meats it also likes it’s food being alive when it eats it. Small eels will like to eat insect larvae, worms and water snails. As they grow older they can begin eating fish. They will also be able to eat freshwater crayfish and and even small birds such as ducklings. An eel will usually be seen hunting at night, they don’t hunt by vision but have other strong senses such as smelling to help it hunt for food.

Closing statement: Pollution is also another main reason why the eel habitat is being destroyed. Caused by sewage and effluent from meat works, pulp and paper plants that are being discharged into the rivers causing large quantities of oxygen being removed from the water.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A.N.Z.A.C poster

Me and my friend Darvaye worked together and came up with our question. Our question was what started the war and how did it end. Here is our presentation.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Famous New Zealander- Whina Cooper

Kia ora koutou :) Our task for room 6 was to find a famous New Zealander and write facts about it and present it in a nice way. I used google slides to present mine for Whina Cooper. She was a very successful women who fought for the rights of Maori. Here is my presentation.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Kia ora :) For reading we had to choose an animal to learn about and make a presentation on Google drawings. My animal i decided was a Macaw because i find them interesting birds and how colourful they look.  Here is my presentation :) 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Persuasive writing

Kia ora koutou :) For writing we tried to do persuasive writing we had the topic of our rubbish bins being taken off because students keep on littering. I think we should get them put back up so we don't have to store our rubbish in our bags. Here is my story

Our school rubbish bins have been removed from our school to help us make our school cleaner. I disagree and think we should get them back. Students are having to stuff their rubbish ( And others) into their bags or lunchboxes because there are no more bins around our school. I think we need to get them back to stop this from happening.

Firstly Our rubbish bins need to be put back up so we have somewhere to put our rubbish in. Students don’t want to have a messy bag or lunchbox because of the rubbish they have to store into their bags. If we have rubbish bins it will make it easy for students to put their rubbish somewhere.

Secondly it will cause too much frustration and annoyance for the students and parents. When they come home their bags might be filled of rubbish that they have either picked up or is their own. This might make some children’s parents a bit angry if their kids comes home with a full lunch box of packets of chips and banana peels.

Thirdly rubbish will be better off in the bins rather than lunchboxes. The bins are helpful and help us clear our school with the rubbish. It is frustrating not having our rubbish bins around because wherever we go around the school we have nowhere to store our rubbish but our pockets, bags and lunchboxes.

Those are my reasons for why i disagree with the rubbish bins being taken off. I think we should get them back on so we have somewhere to put our rubbish.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Toku Pepeha

Kia ora koutou :) This is my pepeha we done for our te reo this week. This is my mihi and my pepeha. I found it easy because i know my pepeha and mihi. Here is a screen-castify of me presenting my pepeha on google slides.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Rubbish Reading

Hi guys =D My class had to complete a task of choosing a reading task about rubbish. Here is one of mine :)
I found getting the information a bit difficult because it took a few sites to look for my information but i found it! This is what happens to our rubbish when we chuck it in the bin. This timeline shows our rubbish going to the dump and being scraped into the ground.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Me 2k17

Hi guys! This year I'm still in room 6 with Mrs Henare :) I'll be turning 12  this year in August.  This year I would like to learn about my Maori culture and learn how to speak Te reo maori.  I want to improve in my maths and reading  and learn more of my maths (because i suck at maths =D ) Miss has put us on this new 
website called Banqer to our class "money" in. Everytime we do a job or are on task we earn money.  The money goes into our bank account. We can get our money taken away from us too if we're being naughty or off task. We can even spend our money on real things like lollies or free time on the Chromebooks. 

That's all that's happening this year and with me :)
Blog you later =D