Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Mode of transport

We done some more persuasive writing about Christmas. We had to draw a poster on a sleigh we should make for Santa Claus and give him reasons why to buy it. I found the drawing hard to do. Sleigh's are confusing to draw. Here is my presentation :)

Monday, November 28, 2016

Travel Brochure

I created a Travel brochure with my best friends Darvaye & Leilani for our persuasive writing project. We chose Hawaii as our country (Island) to do a travel brochure on. Here is our presentation :D

Thursday, November 17, 2016

I phone 8 advertisement

For writing we are doing persuasive writing. Our task was to make an ad about any product we would like to sell. Me and my best friend Darvaye made ours about the new I phone 8. Here is our presentation.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Year 6's done an activity with Whaea Honey on Sunflowers. I paired up with my friend Delina and we made a slide about some questions we had to research on about sunflowers.I didn't find any of the questions hard. They were all easy to research. I also made a little animation about how a sunflowers grow. Here is my presentation.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


I had to watch a video about a little creature named Wing and write a story about it. He has one wing and plays a flute but some crows keep bullying him and he finds a friend. Here is my story.

A weird creature starts to play his flute. “ Woosh! “ A bunch of crews come crashing over him stopping his music. The poor creature stumbles onto the ground. The giant crows surround the one winged animal who crawls weakly across the dirty ground. One of them picks up the scared animal he snatches his flute and throws him back onto the floor like a rag doll. The crow starts to play the flute. The horrid sound travels through Wings ears. He trudges away from the crows into the forest. The ugly birds fly away into the sky leaving the flute abandoned on the dirt. Wing races towards his flute and shuts a door behind him. He stares outside the window scanning the sky for those bullies. Wing looks back from the window and lifts up his only wing. It was a dark night. The moon shone dimly in the crisp night sky. Wing smiles at his mechanical wing. He pulls down a lever then off he goes. Into the night sky Wing begins to fly. The hard wind blew off Wing’s mechanical wing. He starts to plummet to the ground! His eyes slowly open. He sights the crows around him again. A crow puts a hand over his face. The crow picks up Wing then drops him on the floor again. The flute plays beautifully. Everyone is attracted to the majestic sound. The creature hovers over the ground then flies off into the misty forest. The creature dashes through the trees dodging the dark crows chasing her. Smack! Wing wakes up and sits up slowly. He wanders off through the trees. Following the sound. A girl plays the flute glumly. A surprised look appeared onto Wing’s face. He places something onto the girl. She turns around and gives him a flute. They both smile at each other for a while. Then hug warmly, finally reunited. The crows stalk on the creepily. The scared tiny creatures hold hands as the crows approach them. Wing starts to flap his one wing. So does she. They both start to fly struggling to lift off the ground. They fly off away from the danger below.

My space project

Our class made a project on space or the solar system. We could pick a topic on anything in the galaxy. Me and my partner Summah made a google slide about the planets. We were supposed to make a screencastify but didn't have enough time.  Here is what we have so far. Hope you enjoy =D

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Multiplication Bingo

For maths me and my friends played multiplication bingo. It was fun and helpful. We then took photos and done an explanation on how this game helps us learn our times tables. I found some of the times tables hard such as my 12x and 7x but the rest such as my 1x 2x 5x and 10x made it easy and fun to play.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fishing in Opua

Our class had to write a recount on their holidays. I chose when i went to Opua to fish off the wharf. I caught  4 fish. 2 snappers that got away and 2 Kahawai. My dad caught another 2 fish which made our total to 6. At the end of the day we butter fried 2 fish and sprinkled them with salt and lemon. YUMM :)

Title: Fishing in Opua
 A nice breeze flew across my face as I reached out for my fishing rod. I quickly cut up some squid and baited it on my hook. I casted my line out like a pro and sat on the side of the concrete wharf. “ Remember to throw the first one back” Dad said. Nibble nibble. I felt the fish nip at the food on the end of the hook. I held on to the reel and started to slowly wind up my line. The fish started biting... Harder and harder. The fishing rod started bending. The fish grabbed onto the hook I winded it up and pulled at the line. I winded and winded. The fish finally came into view. “ A snapper! “ I yelled. My sister rushed over. The fish flopped on the wharf as my Dad took the hook out of his mouth. The tiny snapper gasped for air. It was under 27cm which meant it was too small to eat. “ Throw it back “ Dad reminded me. I wrapped the towel around it and threw it back into the ocean. It quickly swam away.

 I sat back on the wharf and again casted out my line.
 I waited impatiently for a fish to bite my line. The clouds started turning grey. Nibble nibble. More bites… I held onto my reel again just in case the fish got greedy and took the bait. It was high tide now. Heaps of fish started nibbling. “ Another bite! “ I yelled in my head. Again the fishing rod bent. I pulled and pulled and out of the water came out a Kahawai. The grey fish wiggled as I wrapped the scaley fish into the towel. I carried it over to the yellow bucket. My dad grabbed the knife and viciously cut off the fish’s head. Blood started running down the headless fish’s body. I went back to my line.

 We only had a little more longer until we went home. The wind started getting rougher as I fished. More and more nibbles started coming onto my line. I pulled over my hoodie to keep me warm and waited patiently for the fish to tug it. I sat back relaxed on the wharf waiting and waiting. I again slowly winded up my reel then another bite. I got another one! It was my lucky day. I pulled this heavy fish up and out of the water a snapper appeared. I pulled the line up but the fish got away! It’s sharp teeth but through my line. I frowned as I stared at the fish swimming away. The day ended with a total of 4 fish. We went home and buttered fried our catch then sprinkled it with salt and lemon.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Welcome to the wild wild west!

Me and my group had a task to make a short film on anything we like. We chose a wild west theme. I play Pablo a mexican gang leader who robs the town where Sheriff Cassidy is. She tries to chase me and my gang and gets tied up to a pole. She puts me and my gang away in jail and the town lives happily ever after :)
Starring: Tearoha (Pablo) Leilani (El ladron) Darvaye (Sheriff Cassidy) Summah (Reina) Amber (Sofia)
Enjoy the movie! :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Wildboy- Reading

For reading my group Kakariki read a book about this New Zealander named Brando Yelavich who travelled New Zealand's coastline. We had to make a presentation on google slides on facts we know about him. Visit his website Enjoy :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Making a Pokemon Card- Uni

The year 6's had to go to room 3 while the seniors went to manual. In room 3 we had to create a pokemon card. My creature was called Uni. She used her cuteness as a weakness for her victims and paralyzes and shocks them too. When she is angry she calls other monsters such as fire and water ones to help her defeat the victim. Her weakness is the dark.


As part of the Olympics we were studying the country where the Olympics originated from... Greece! I researched their country with my best friend Leilani :) We presented our work on a google slides Hope you enjoy ❤️❤️❤️

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

New Zealand Athlete- Portia Woodman!

For writing we had to choose a New Zealand Athlete going to the Rio Olympics and research about them. My New Zealand athlete is Portia Woodman. Here is my research :)

Monday, August 15, 2016

Finding information- Reading

Today for reading we had to write down what we already knew about the Holocaust and what we learnt about it. It was difficult because I didn't know that much about the Nazis so it took a while!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Diary entry- My Holocaust story

For reading my group had to do a diary entry on a book we have been reading called Hanna My Holocaust story. It is about a young girl named Hanna and her family are taken from their home in Poland to a ghetto where the Nazis will be holding them their.  They learn to survive in the ghetto.

Friday, July 8, 2016

My leadership poem

Our class was set a task to write an acrostic poem about what we think leadership is. Mine is about how to show leadership. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Pania and the stars- Matariki animation

To celebrate Matariki we had to make an animation on a used myth or a myth we could make up. Me and my friend Summah made our animation on a used myth. Called Tamarereti. About a young boy who is hungry and goes for a fish. Instead of a boy we used a girl. Our version is called Pania and the stars. For our video we used screencastify. I narrated the whole animation =D

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Letter to the movie producer- Novel study

We did more novel study activities. One of them was to write a letter to the movie producer about your book so that he can make it into a movie. Here is my letter.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Dear diary- Novel Study

We were set a task to do a novel study. One of the tasks was to write four diary entries on the book you chose. My book was Thea Stilton and the Spanish dance mission. My character was the main one Colette.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Axolotl report

Our task for writing was to write a report on the Axolotl. This is mine


Axolotls are Mexican walking fish. They are amphibians which means they are cold blooded vertebrates that spend their whole lives underwater.

An Axolotl is grey or white in colour with black eyes. The colour of an Axolotl depends on its cells. Albino or White axolotls are most common in captivity. They can grow up to 30 centimeters in length and can weigh from 60 to 227 grams. The Axolotl ages but it remains in its larval form for it’s entire life.

Axolotls are found in high altitude freshwater lakes near Mexico city and are native to Lake Xochimilco (pronounced SO-chee-MILL-koh) and Lake Chalco in Mexico.Unfortunately Lake Chalco is drying up causing the Axolotls to be  mainly found in Lake Xochimilco.They can live up to 15 years in the wild and live permanently in water.

Axolotls are carnivorous meaning they only eat meat. They have a diet of Mollusks,Worms,Insect larvae,Crustaceans and Daphnia (water fleas) including other salamanders. In Labs axolotls are given Brine shrimp and Salmon pellets to eat.Terrestrial salamanders are fed crickets, worms, and beef liver.  In the Ambystoma Colony, aquatic salamanders are fed food pellets.

Axolotls reach maturity levels between 5 months and several years depending on the frequency and quality of food. Axolotls usually begin to mature when they’re 7 inches long. Male axolotls reach maturity levels earlier than females.

The Axolotl is a critically endangered species which population is decreasing.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Nan's house

For writing we had to write about our holidays and what we did. I wrote about going to my nan's house and playing with my cousins and sister. Enjoy :)

🏠 Nan’s house 🏠
1.Arriving 2. Down the lane  3. Eating feijoas 4. Boil up
The truck slowly pulled up. Mum got out of the car with baby and Carney.  Dogs barked at me as I opened the car door. I strolled to the front door and  slipped off my gumboots. I sauntered into the house and hugged my nan then wandered off to find my cousin. We both hugged and searched around the back of the house to find my other cousins. After our tiny reunion she suggested we go for a stroll to cool off, since the heat was getting warm.

The sun’s heat was mild at first as we trudged down Whiu road towards the river. I offered my cousin a piggy back on the way down. As we arrived, Carney unclipped the gate lock and the metal gate swung back against the tall grass. We all ran down to the river and dipped our feet in the water. The water froze our feet nearly instantly. I climbed up the tree that the rope was attached to and flung it towards Carney. We all dared her to swing on the rope. She refused for a while then after a few minutes of encouragement Carney swung off the rope, landing in the river. She rapidly doggy paddled to the mud and got out. After Carney got dried we noticed the cows coming closer and quickly got our gear and headed for the gate. I closed the gate behind me and slipped my gum boots back on. We all marched back to Nan’s house and noticed a wide feijoa tree in the front yard of the house.

I dashed over to the tree with Carney and my cousins following. I picked a plump juicy one off the ground and ripped it open with my teeth. I squeezed the inside of the feijoa into my mouth until it was all gone then munched out on some more I found on the ground. One by one the feijoas disappeared from the ground. After scoffing down a dozen feijoas nan called us in for lunch.

We all galloped to the bathroom to wash our hands then waited patiently for lunch to be served. Nan had cooked some bacon-bone boil up for lunch with some crunchy watercress, thick doughboys and salivating bacon bones. To wash it all down Nan used her soda stream and made us a lemonade fizzy. We gobbled through our boil up like dogs then rested our stomachs. After a lot of playing Mum and Dad pulled up in the truck and it was time to go home.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Six Word Summer

We were set a task from Matua Chris to write about our summer and describe it in 6 words.. He taught us how to be careful of what kind of photos we post and use. We can't use copyright photos unless you have permission from the owner.

Friday, April 8, 2016

anzac writing

We were set a task to write about what the soldiers felt during the war. I did a dear diary about my soldier. Here it is.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Financial Literacy- Part 4 - Oscar's Odd Jobs

For maths we had to figure out how much Oscar could make for doing odd jobs around his neighbourhood.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Friday, March 11, 2016

The boat challenge

Me and Leilani created a presentation using google slides about our boat challenge we did with Mrs.Cowles

Financial litercay

For maths we had to plan a fake trip to Brisbane for the Murphy family.

Mission girl Venn Diagram

For reading I had to do a Venn Diagram comparing me and the main character Atapo

My weekend

TITLE: Nana Mata’s 90th

Planning the marae/ kissing horror
2. lunch/entertainment


A crowd of people gathered around the door to the marae. We casually strolled to the front of the door. The rain spat at us making it harder to walk. We slipped our shoes off and slowly trudged to the back of the line. The line began to move, I uncomfortably smooched one of the lady’s standing in front of me. One after the other came big kisses, digging into my cheeks. After the long kissing encounter my face smelt as if I had sprayed myself with my nana’s perfume. My lips turned buttery and smooth.

Carney, Mum, Waimirirangi, Dad and I roamed off towards the tent where the food and entertainment was held. I lead Carney toward the kids section. The smell of pavlova and sausages floated in the air. Kids munched and gobbled at the junk sitting on their plates. Carney and I placed ourselves on a long brown chair where bowls of chips, and lollies sat in front of us. I gently opened up a soft drink and started sipping at the fizzy. I stabbed my fork into a juicy sausage and carried it like a crane over to my plate. I sliced my sausage into pieces and carried the fork over to my mouth. After the scrumptious lunch Carney and I headed over to the adult section. A long wooden stage had a live band playing. I scanned the room for Mum and Dad. We both sat down at the table and waited for them to finish their food. Before we left we wished Nanny Mata a happy 90th and opened strolled out the door.

Sneakily we all crawled to the truck. The miserable rain dribbled on us as we crouched towards the truck. We opened the car door and wiped off the rain drops. We all secured ourselves into the car seats and buckled in our seatbelts. Dad put the key in ignition and started up the car.

Kawa of care

My class and I created a google slide showing how to take care of your chromebooks

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Friday, February 26, 2016

My word art

dream giver

The dream giver
A bright glow came from the bedroom window. Frale skinny fingers reached into the gap of the window. It then slowly opened , an old thin man appeared from behind the windows. His fragile wings fluttered over to the first bed. He reached into a sack of glowing eggs and carefully cracked an egg. He drizzled the yolk onto a pair of ballerina shoes. A golden ballerina twirled and danced from out of the shoes. He carried onto the next bed. A young boy lay resting. A book sat open on the bed. The dream giver fished out another egg from the glowing sack and cautiously cracked and poured the egg on the book. A tiny astronaut started floating in the room. Unfortunately an egg rolled off the edge of the bed and cracked on a page of a book. The boy appeared inside the book. He scanned the area for a while and strolled off to find a temple. In front of the temple was a huge dark doorway. Evil red eyes appeared from out of the dark doorway. In an instant the frightened boy bolted to an end of a cliff. The humongous monster roared at the boy. Just in time! The dream giver flew in and threw the glowing eggs at the monster. Plants came out from the ground like zombies in an apocalypse. The plants stretched around the monster. The monster struggled to escape. The monster finally suffered defeat. THE END

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Thursday, February 11, 2016

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