Monday, November 28, 2016

Travel Brochure

I created a Travel brochure with my best friends Darvaye & Leilani for our persuasive writing project. We chose Hawaii as our country (Island) to do a travel brochure on. Here is our presentation :D

Thursday, November 17, 2016

I phone 8 advertisement

For writing we are doing persuasive writing. Our task was to make an ad about any product we would like to sell. Me and my best friend Darvaye made ours about the new I phone 8. Here is our presentation.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Year 6's done an activity with Whaea Honey on Sunflowers. I paired up with my friend Delina and we made a slide about some questions we had to research on about sunflowers.I didn't find any of the questions hard. They were all easy to research. I also made a little animation about how a sunflowers grow. Here is my presentation.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


I had to watch a video about a little creature named Wing and write a story about it. He has one wing and plays a flute but some crows keep bullying him and he finds a friend. Here is my story.

A weird creature starts to play his flute. “ Woosh! “ A bunch of crews come crashing over him stopping his music. The poor creature stumbles onto the ground. The giant crows surround the one winged animal who crawls weakly across the dirty ground. One of them picks up the scared animal he snatches his flute and throws him back onto the floor like a rag doll. The crow starts to play the flute. The horrid sound travels through Wings ears. He trudges away from the crows into the forest. The ugly birds fly away into the sky leaving the flute abandoned on the dirt. Wing races towards his flute and shuts a door behind him. He stares outside the window scanning the sky for those bullies. Wing looks back from the window and lifts up his only wing. It was a dark night. The moon shone dimly in the crisp night sky. Wing smiles at his mechanical wing. He pulls down a lever then off he goes. Into the night sky Wing begins to fly. The hard wind blew off Wing’s mechanical wing. He starts to plummet to the ground! His eyes slowly open. He sights the crows around him again. A crow puts a hand over his face. The crow picks up Wing then drops him on the floor again. The flute plays beautifully. Everyone is attracted to the majestic sound. The creature hovers over the ground then flies off into the misty forest. The creature dashes through the trees dodging the dark crows chasing her. Smack! Wing wakes up and sits up slowly. He wanders off through the trees. Following the sound. A girl plays the flute glumly. A surprised look appeared onto Wing’s face. He places something onto the girl. She turns around and gives him a flute. They both smile at each other for a while. Then hug warmly, finally reunited. The crows stalk on the creepily. The scared tiny creatures hold hands as the crows approach them. Wing starts to flap his one wing. So does she. They both start to fly struggling to lift off the ground. They fly off away from the danger below.

My space project

Our class made a project on space or the solar system. We could pick a topic on anything in the galaxy. Me and my partner Summah made a google slide about the planets. We were supposed to make a screencastify but didn't have enough time.  Here is what we have so far. Hope you enjoy =D