Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Book reviews - Wish upon a unicorn & The magic finger

Kia ora koutou this is my book review for my blog. We had a challenge to complete 7 novels to earn kids sized pizza at Hell's Pizza. To get a pizza you need to read 7 novels and stamp it on your pizza wheel you will be given at your school. So far i have read 2 novels. 

Wish upon a unicorn - about a little girl who falls through her grandmothers floor and into another world. She fights her way back to her other world and gets imprisoned in a dirty prison where elves and unicorns are kept. She can also talk to unicorns through her mind and helps to save all the prisoners and returns home safely.

The magic finger- A little girl has a gift called the magic finger, when she gets angry she uses the magic finger and accidentally turns her neighbours into ducks! A bunch of ducks take over their house and then they have to live in a nest, Fortunately they get turned back and they lived happily ever after!

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